The Casting of Lucifer

Apophysis & Photoshop

Sweet! Nice fractal.:slight_smile:

incredible fractal! I mean like wow!

that’s a fractal? o_0

EDIT one more question and one comment:
Question: How much photoshop was involved? Even tho i know it was generated with a fractal program, i just can’t see it… i mean… wow…

Comment: I would say, for the benefit of the image itself, to lose the lens flare. Lens Flare in photoshop 99% of the time hurts the eyes. It can benefit some photo editing, but in general it’s more likely to make an image look worse than better

But good lord, i can’t help but want to see what it looked like before it was edited in PS, cause i still can’t fathom how that was generated with a fractal o_0