The Castle Foundry - Modular building system (especially taylored for Dungeons & Dragons play!)

Hello… I’m a long time Blender user and I’m working with these guys, so I can say the project is legit and the guys doing it are awesome!

As the title says, The Castle Foundry is a “modular, textured and painted building system that lets you build models as tall as you want and to move them after construction.” It is a Kickstarter campaign, it already has about 90% of the goal and there’s still about 10 days to go (at the time of writing this). I’m the guy doing the 3D images, videos and helping them model/refine the pieces that will go to production (all in Blender, of course). Here’s the campaign:

I hope you like the product and I hope the campaign is successful. They deserve it and the product is really solid!