The Castle

Hi again :slight_smile:

to break out the anxiety here a little and simple work…

Sweet :slight_smile:

Might want to add some detail to the walls…

The tree inside walls looks too smal in comparison with mushroms outside


Hi Stefano,

I wanted to make those mushroom quite big, to give the impression they’re very close to the camera. Maybe the tree should be blurred a little…

Cool. Reminds me of a movie version of Super Mario Brothers.

why not move mushrooms close to the camera then?


well… they are close to the camera, but I wanted to force this feeling increasing the size of mushrooms…

btw, it’s just a model made in (about) 45 mins, I don’t want to spend other time on this image… it’s not the kinf of style where I want to improve into.

I like the picture. Especially the wall, tree, sky, and, well pretty much everything. One thing though, the blur is too sudden and not in a good place. I don’t know what you used for post processing (this effect was post process right?), but it would look better with a quick freehand selection around the edge of the mushrooms, invert and then feather the selection out/maybe in to about 200 pixels or so and apply your blur. Makes it nice and gradual…

thanks for idea, I confess I’m not so happy with the blur of my image… maybe I’ll try the way you said.

Nice and cartoony, I like it.