The Cat

Made this project in Blender 2.92/2.93 in free time.
Cycles render and processed in Krita.


This is insane!) How much time it took to finish this project?

This image is really awesome and full of detail, but in the top image the cat it’s self is a little bit lost… the clay render you can see the cat clearly. Strangly you can see the cat on the clay render. Maybe you could make the area behind the cat a bit lighter or put a suptle spotlight on the cat (backlit)

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Very nice work! The cars look like 3D scans - where did you get them?

Yup, I second this. At first I was thinking why is the artwork named “The Cat”, I don’t see it anywhere and then I had a look at the clay render.

About a month, mostly in the evenings in their free time

These are models of machines from with subsequent refinement of sculpting and texrure paint

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Maybe you’re right. thanks for the advice

Great! If those were Creative Commons downloads (that is, you didn’t purchase them from the store), you’ll need to provide proper credit to the featured artists - it’s part of the CC license. I work for Sketchfab, let me know if you have any questions!

These were models free to download. Should I indicate authorship?

Most likely, yes. 99% of the freely downloadable models on Sketchfab come under a variation of Creative Commons and they all require attribution. Pay attention when you download and reuse something :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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