"The Catacombs" Update - New Creature/First Weapon (Arsenal RSL)

Hey everyone!

This is my last update for a while, but it features a new creature and the first weapon in the game. I’ll leave the link below for those who are interested. :wink:

My Channel Link (Arsenal RSL):

(Latest Update) The Catacombs Update #7 - New Creature/Weapon

(Previous Update) Blender Game The Catacombs Update - New Creature & Dialogue!

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That aside, your game seems pretty cool.
My only crit is that the focal length seems a little weird. My sweet spot is around 19 - 22mm.

Thanks. Didn’t know that. And I think the focal length was somewhere are 30 if I’m not mistaken, so I’ll tone that down.

I usually take the focal length down even to 15mm. Works best for me. Also your game seems to be veery dark. Some brigther spots would definitly help, but also keep the dark spots.