The Cathedral (anno Domini 1526) (update: new walkthrough)

Hi! Hereby I declare the Cathedral … FINISHED!
After almost 1 Year of Work (which is in fact the time i seriously use blender… learning by doing) i lay down my digital hammer and nails and leave it as it is. Of course there are still some minor bugs and things to work on, but in 2 weeks is the project’s deadline and i still have to write lots of texts for it and do some programming with directorMX. I think it’s good enough. I’ve made it for an exhibition about cardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg in a museum in Halle / Germany.
Anyway, here it is…

AWESOME! very very nice!

Amazing! Hats off!
Was it personal project or commercial one? Cos nobody have 1 year deadline for commercial project :smiley:
What render did you use?
And what rendering time looked like?

Wow. That’s incredible work.

Hi and Thanks!
It was rendered with blenders internal (AO/Sub+SkyColor), render times for 1024*1280 were about 15-20 minutes.
I started the whole project as my universtiy diploma. i worked together with the art-historians of a museum, together with them i reconstructed the cathedral as it probably looked like in 1526. They liked the results of my work in december, so they engaged me to do it professionally for an exhibition about Cardinal Albrecht, which starts on september 8th (which is the deadline) and finds place in the cathedral. there’ll be a computer-terminal in the cathedral with my work, on which visitors can get informations about Lucas Cranach, Dürer and Grünewald - and of course dive back into history by watching my animation of the cathedral. and the best is - i got PAYED for that!

Wow! That’s an amazing story too! Congratulations!

hehe, thanks!

Thats awesome work. 5 stars from me.
The models and textures are excellent.

It would be cool if you rendered a video of it. Kind of like a virtual tour.

This is absolutely Incredible with a big I job. The modelling part of all the catedral is just beautiful. I can’t point one detail that has been rushed and ignored. Great stuff. 5stars for me

Now I would have loved only one thing to see in the pictures as they are a bit dark would have been the color of the windows shinning throught the air (slight volumetric effect) and adding sparkling colors to the catedral.
The first shot does it more or less well for the light, but I dont see color splotches from them. Other then that, thumbs up and its really up to your preferences .

Absolutely breathtaking…

Fantastic detail work and perfect lighting in this one. Well done.


wow, thank you all!
@ Edeehem: i would like to see that too (coloured ight and stuff). but… i don’t know how and i’m tired of tryin out variuos light settings. if it’s right to the left, it messes up to the right and so on. and i got to keep an eye on the render times (probably higher with REAL and coloured volumetric lightning), because:
@imperitor: there will be. just gimme some render time… probably in septemer. AND–>
@imperitor: and once again thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction with UV and bumpmaps. now i can’t stop bumping. my UV-Map-Folder is getting bigger and bigger…
@all: thanks for being such a great community. it’s just great around the blender playgrounds!
(i think i’m getting a bit pathetic now…)
@all + TON: THANX for BLENDER!!! snieff!

I noticed in the first image that a candle flame seems to have a shadow on it? (The one closest to the camera) Maybe it’s just my monitor, but if you’re not going to use particles, you should turn off shadows on the material.

no, it’s not your monitor. i noticed that too. but i do have turned off shadows on it. i think it’s alpha-values are somehow interfering with the halo, which i use to achive the glow-effect.

Well… I can’t think of anything to say - I’m struck dumb g
maybe one german word: erstklassig!

          • !

This is awesome. If it only wasn’t a church… Allthough I am a christian I do not like churches. Especially during this time they were homings for real monsters.

But besides this, if I can forget for these facts for a second, then I am overwhelmed by your work, the colours, the atmosphere and the detailness! Amazing.

One slight crit: It is especially visible in the first picture, at the top of the dome, these spider-like structures which are for supporting the roof. They look like having sharp bends. It seems like there are faces set to solid which should have been set to smooth.

But this doesn’t really matter. As I said, it is overwhelming for the sheer details, size and amount of work you must have put into it.



Excellent work!
5 stars from me!

This is indeed awesome, and, needless to say…
One of the most impressing things I have seen yet to be made in Blender…
15-20minutes render time…
this is either a very fast PC you are rendering on, or a heavily optimised scene… I guess, though… both:p

The thing I’m most impressed on is the endurance you brought with this project…

One year is indeed a very long time…

Good luck with your diploma :slight_smile:

The modeling, texture and lighting are just top-notch. Great job!


Another reason to go back to Halle to celebrate the 1200 year anniversary.
And great that you got payed for this. Hat Andreas seinen Etat doch gut angelegt :D.