The Cell

i thought of this concept in study hall and i developed it into my first “scarry” scene. im thinking of turning it into a movie w/ flash backs and other dramatic stuff like that. here’s what i have so far.

Great job so far! I like how you modeled the door farthest to the left, although I do have a few crits.
First of, if its a horror scene you usualy want to use really indepth textures and dark lighting (without completely hiding the scene). One thing I think you can do to improve this would be to create reflections useing the ray depth feature, especially on the ground/doors. Also… just a heads up but the roof is completely black, not sure if you havent textured it yet…
Anyways nice job so far, I think with a little bit of work it will shiver even my fingers!..
Thanks for reading, Nik

the lighting looks wierd…maybe if it actually came out of the lights or somthing…otherwise good start i would like to see where this goes

the lighting does come out of the light but only the one closest to the camera, the one further forward is supposed to be burned out.