the chair (final)

Hi, This took longer than expected, I only have a Spot & an Area light.
Rendered with Blender Internal. Color correction post pro.
*final image is in last post

Crits welcome.
Thanks, M.A.

:stuck_out_tongue: well, posting in the focused critique, you are calling for critic…

Creepy stuff you made there. Is that an electric chair? Nice compo playing with the tilt angle of the camera… it enhance the surreal feeling of the image.

The volumetric spot seems okay. But the overall lighting is too flat. For example, it is hard to tell where the wall end and where the floor start.

The texture (procedural maybe?) convey a low res feeling (grainy blurry at the same time)

The two object on each side of the chair have unnaturaly sharp edge. Rounding them would allow them to catch more light and look more natural. In fact that’s something that could be applied to the chair itself. Try giving them the same look as you did for the wall’s details…

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

hi, thanks for the advice, I’ve been staring at this for hours, I’ll do the suggested fixes tomorrow.
It is based or an electric chair but I wanted to leave a lot to the imagination also.
Empty but suggestive.
Thanks M.A
PS> Time for me to improve my skills in Blender & Blender Artists.

Hello I just have a few Ideas for you. I don’t want to tell you what to do. This is by all means YOUR work and should make you happy before anyone else. I just think that you could maybe add an old cracked pipe coming down the wall. A puddle of water on the floor with ray tracing turned on. I also think that you should do something to make the wall and floor look seperate from each other. I like the way this image is going. Good job. I also think you could add an electric box on the wall as well if you wanted. Once again there is nothing wrong with the way it is now and these are just suggestions. Good luck with this though.

@ crains28761, thanks for the suggestions, I thought about a box & some broken wires but I want to leave much to the imagination, I would have to render layers to get any raytracing as it hides my lighting, the floor is a bit lazy being the same texture as the walls, I’ll try to think of something. thanks for the suggestions.

Anyway, heres a update no pp, blender internal, more crits, suggestions welcome.
First a screenshot so you can see how I faked the lighting.

I have added a Skelleton using mh to add somewhat to the scene, I have modded the mesh considerably using soft selection, subsurf, and by moving/deleting verts.
I think he adds more interest to the scene and more mystery.
Thanks M.A.

I like it alot. The lighting reminds me of some shots from Pirates of the Carribean.

Oooh, I like the dead dude! Work on the chair some more, everything else looks really cool!

well the spiky bowl shaped thing hanging over the chair doesnt leave much to the imagination but its a great picture

Hi, thanks for the replies, I’ll update some more tomorrow, I’m not entirely happy with it yet.
The ‘dead guy’ has some arm issues on the right (his left arm) that need fixing, it was such a pain posing him as he’s not rigged at all, so I did a basic sitting pose externally then moved everything by hand so there’s plenty of errors with him still.
Also I will attempt to fix up the chair a little by sculpting the ‘cushions’ or whatever they are, so it looks like someone has been sitting in it or a old used feel.

Any other suggestions for fixing up the chair?

Just to elaborate a little more on the light rays, the light shines through another spiky thing with heaps of transparency settings, you can see in the left hand side the shadows that it has made on the walls.
A little lucky that they blend in well with the wall.
Thanks, M.A.

Ok, this is it, finished. I have to move on from this dark peice.

Thanks, M.A.