the chair of doom ( extinction part 3 )

Another indoor study, started this when cycles just came out, but counld’n’t figure out the node system so this one waited a while. “Found” it again last week and quickly finished it…

At the moment I’m trying not to sop end too much time on any single picture as this replicates what happens with client work, often you have only a few days to create the final piece so its handy to know what kind of finish can be accomplished in 2-3 days.

The render was an all nighter.

nice picture, i don’t know what’s this, but very cool.

Looks like an Absinth-Session in my home, haha! Very nice Cartoon-Picture.

What a beautiful mess. I really liked this.

Really cool! I like a lot the details, so good.

Hah. Awesome. This creature is stoned.

Really good…:slight_smile:

Love it… I want that clock on my wall!


Looking at this, I can easily tell by now that you pretty much have made your own style, your own ‘brand’ should we say, not too much unlike a 3D version of Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh or Escher.

What I’ve been noticing is that you seem to put a lot of effort in leaving no stone unturned, any detail that could be missed overlooked is found and placed in the final render, all those small touches such as the Fruit Loops on the floor or the cobwebs.

The only thing I wonder about this image is whether the slab of meat is supposed to be real or made of plastic and velvet, but the actual decision may not have much effect here.

Love the animation and creativeness in this picture. Great work!

Very good work of you and I liked the colour combination of the graphics. Keep it up!

Very nice! Almost tells a story on its own