the chair

hi, this started in focussed crit, This is the final Render for this scene.
Thanks M.A.

The lighting’s a bit dull, you might want to greatly increase the contrast while avoiding making it very dark.

I like it!! really well done. however, you could add some more lighting to this scene. not really lighten the whole thing up, but add some more shadows and things. I want to see it a little better :smiley: well done, 4 stars

That is so cool! Reminds me of “Saw”. great work, but you should give it a little extra light:)

I agree witht the others about the light but its still good. For some reason i get a tombraider vibe of this peice.

hi, thanks for all the replies, I worked fairly hard to get the image the way it is.
Whilst it is true about the lighting, this was the way I wanted the scene to feel.
I had plenty of big lighting problems with the horizontal beams on the walls getting bad bright yellow artifacts if I turn the lighting up any further. The idea was to make a dark scene both mood wise & visually. Also it took some doing to soften the shadows to the degree that I did. Harder shadows really mess up the scene. Thanks for all the great comments. Much appreciated, it was well worth getting some feedback in focussed crits first & spending some extra time on the image. The idea was only inspired by my imagination & a very dark mood. Whilst not perfect it is by far the best proper work I have done and I thank again the people who replied & helped along the way.