The Chapel - Updated

here’s an image I’ve worked on for the last week or so. I’ve considered entrying it in Expose 3 but I don’t think it will make it very far…Comments and crits very welcome.

Almost looks like it was recently burned out, especially with those ‘ashes’. (I know, they’re supposed to be dust motes, but still).

I think I can see texture stretching on the floor, might wanna correct that.

It looks pretty good, but you need to work on your textures, especially on the baseboard and the columns on the walls. The cloth looks pretty good. Did you use procedurals? You also need to put somesort of sky.


Modeling is good and so are textures, except for some streaking/stretching on the floor.
I think the main work needs to be done on the camera. From it’s current location/angle, it looks like this is a VERY narrow chappel, compared to how tall it is… It’s really hard to get a sense of scale in this scene, and is difficult to say why, but the scale and proportions are off.
Maybe try moving the camera closer to the ground, point it upwards a little, and maybe use a wider angle lens?
/me scratches head in puzzlement…

I think you need to work on the ground texture(s).

Try to get the walls look thicker, when you look at the windows they look as if they were only 20 centimeters.

I agree about the sky texture, a real sky structure just looks better. You could play with colour correction to get the right mood.

To get a feeling for size, I think the viewer also needs some familiar interior, maybe an altar or some benches.

Enough crits - I think it already looks very promising, I especially like the side walls with the curtains and shadows. I’m really looking forward to see updates.

It’s not bad but apart from what has already been said, to me, it looks way too much inspired by Raphael Lacoste’s work on Prince of Persia.
Technicaly a good one though.
Keep it up.

I like it ! The ambiance is quite good :slight_smile:
But it’s right that there is a big resemblance Raphael Lacoste :wink:

Hello: here is my 2 cents: Although the curtain are a nice trick to suggest wind etc, I’d do without them: I have yet to see curtains in a chapel, and also, if it’s very old or burnt down, surely the curtains would be the first gone. But I must say the curtains themselves look good.


IMO - its a complete ripoff of the Price of Persia piece that was linked. Far too obvious. You can’t really get away with entering a duplicate of another piece of CG art into the Expose contest as far as I know.

A crit about the piece: not enough contrast and the windows I don’t like very much. Not very “chapel-esque”.

In terms or Blender art, this is a decent peice. I dont think this is the caliber of work that should be submitted, especially from the Blender community. Many in the community would like to impress those who think little of Blender and while this is a good peice, I dont think this is the sort of work to do it.

FrostByte - Not burnt out, just in a state of collapse. I’ll look at the texture stretching.

digital_me - I used procedurals and photoshopped textures.

Gr8RedShark - i couldn’t say what it is either. I’ll try some things.

thoro - I’ll see what I can do

IgorSandman - That picture is familiar and I know what you mean about the similarities, but I didn’t consciously “rip it off.” Sometimes (and this has happened before) I’ve unconcsiously done an image based on something I’ve seen before, and while i think the reference I see in my head is my imagination it’s actually my memory. Kind of hard to explain, and sounds kind of lame I know %| Guess submission is out of the question then :-?

Vincente - See previous comment, but thanks.

arnaud0 - thanks, but it’s not burnt down, just rather dilpidated.

Desoto - See comment to IgorSandman

dante -

I dont think this is the caliber of work that should be submitted, especially from the Blender community.

hence my comment, " I don’t think I’ll get very far with this"

Nice work and a nice atmosphere. Though the texturing I don’t really like on the collums and floor.

a couple changes and an entirely new angle -

that looks very good especialy the curtains. :smiley:

Okay. This image changes everything. First of all, I can see some holes in the walls, but they’re small enough to fix with ps. The textures are too low-res, you need to sharpen them some more. I think that the scene is basicly good as-is, but you need to work on atmosphere. Give it a proper sky, and sharpen it up a little more. Maybe try a rendering with AO, play with the lights a little, but mostly a good job.


Nice work, a bit of glow would do it good. If up to me, I would feel that a night scene would suit this deserted chapel better.

Hmm… So you go from a weakly textured too-similar-to-a-well-known-image chapel picture, to a what-the-f*ck-is-the-story-in-this-picture image.

Not an improvement in my opinion.

The second image lacks ‘subject’. Do you want us to look at the wall? if so it’s not a very interesting wall… If you want us to look at the sky or the outside, we’re not seeing enough of it - and what we’re seeing ain’t very interesting.

I think you should leave this model and start a new one. Concentrate on getting your textures right and then start thinking about the ‘story’ your images tell. Leave expose for what it is, you’re not good enough yet.

I have to agree with avi here. You have no focus in the latest image. Just a wall with a couple of windows. Even the first image has no real point that made you feel something.

Texturing can be improved immensely. You need higher resolution textures and should probably paint your own to get the desired resluts that you want.

As far as starting a new model, I don’t think you need to go that far. You could add a lot more detail to what you have though.