The Charger

New robot gazelle I’ve been working on for a while. I’m thinking of turning it into a short animation when I’m done the rig. Tell me what you think. This is by far not the final render but it works well as a teaser.

I think your efforts have paid off because that looks splendid. Body proportions are hard to get right but I think you have nailed it (In a robot way).
Really well done and I’m looking forward to seeing an anim of it.

Thanks. I actually modelled a basemesh from a photo and then started cutting parts out and using the solidify modifier. I’ll keep you posted then. :slight_smile:

Good work so far. It looks like to will be easy to rig and animate.

Awesome/unique idea… I’m loving it! :smiley:

yup. pretty straight forward for rigging and it shouldn’t be to hard to animate. Not sure if I should just do a IK or FK/IK rig.

Quick update and pose.