The chart formatted data in BGE? _SOLVED!_


I would like to know, what is the best way to present the chart formatted data in BGE?

The chart data I would like to show

The raw data is in list format
[[gate num 1 data set ],[gate num 2 data set ], [gate num 19 data set ]]

I understand, I need to pre-made the chart format with text objects, but what’s the efficient way to distribute the each data to the ‘cells’ ?

Thank you for your advance.

So you want to feed those lists, and have an excel like sheet pop out?

Yes, I would like to present that kind of chart in BGE.

Any particular reason it has to be BGE?

I could give you a pretty good script that just uses Tkinter. Its still Python…but not BGE.

My idea is to give to the player a instant feedback about his race performing and have an option to save the result for the later analyze.

Current BGE_AirRace version is saving automatically the result to the .csv format after the successful race.

Ohhhhh. Okay. Got it. This is actually for a game.

Well to generate the entire table and figure out how to fit it all in would be pretty complicated. Instead, because you know a set number of columns that you need, you can just create a set table in 3D, then fill it’s text objects with Python.


Yes, but how :confused:

Start by modeling the text and the rows and columns.

Then tell me what you have and I can give you the script.


Here you can find a sample files for the result chart.


BGE_AR_RESULT_03.blend (754 KB)


I found a solution for the chart format presentation :yes:

Start the BGE and hit the SPACE-key to load the chart with sample data.

Please, let me know, how it’s working for you.

Thank you for your advance.


BGE_AR_RESULT_04.blend (742 KB)

Great job!

Sorry for not being much help, I have been really busy over the last few days… :frowning: