The cheap Hotel

(Elsdon) #1

Good Lord doesn’t this guy ever finish anything.

Comments, suggestions, concerns wellcome here.

To save some time, no there is no bedding on the bed. I suck at cloth.
Anyone knowing of a good current cloth tut please feel free to give me the address.

As always, thanks for not cussing at me.


(valarking) #2

Looks better than my old dorm room…

(_Aorus_) #3

Wow, that’s really nice!
Some crit though: The rug needs a lot less spec and it looks a little too flat. The bump mapping on it looks a bit strange. The matress could maybe use a few bumps here and there or maybe a crease or so.
Very nice!

(kaktuswasse) #4

great modelling and very much detail… but you should make
the carpet a own seperated object.Further it’s far to specular! . Everything seems a little bit flat, you
should work on the lighting. Something more dramatic and more shadows!!

cya henrik

P.S: keep on making good stuff

(halibut) #5

nice, i like the warm glow of light from the lamp.

I dont know if this may help you, but how about re-doing the curtains in the same way these were done down to the bottom). Im sorry if i sound like a total idiot saying this, but well, i guess im just trying to help :slight_smile:

To do them, follow [email protected] tutorial on skinning (, only instead of using a closed curve for the cross sections, use an open one (just dont press c near the beginning). I found it worked well for me, but maybe there’s a better way?

  • halibut