The Chicken with the alarm-clock

Hi there,

Here is an image i’m working on :

The sketches :

Starting in zbrush with Zsperes :

A first sculpt before retopology :

The retopo was done in zbrush and finished in blender :

One horrible try of feather :o :

And two mores with a different lighting & textures :

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:


Thanks for showing your workflow. I haven’t used zbrush but as a lot of the pros tend to use it (with Maya at least) I’m interested in the tool.

That first feather attempt is epic fail. (:stuck_out_tongue: haha)
So vastly improved in the next shots… what alterations did you make?

the last pics look nice, feathers are very soft and easy on the eye, but i dnt understand why you went the trouble of sculpting in zbrush if you were going to cover the whole thing in feathers anyway? (thus obscuring all the sculpting)


Hi lancer,
thanks for reply. Yes, Zbrush is a really different and cool way to make 3D. More intuitiv , Like drawing. It Will be really incredible with the Zsperes II !
I don’t really understand wath You meen when You say alteration… I think you’re talking about wich value did i used in my particles system, isn’t it ? So i’ll post some sreen shots of it. There is 4 systems yet for the same mesh, one for the body, one for the head ( around the eye essentialy, smaler feather), one for the neck, one for biger and white feather on the stomac wich are to hight indeed)

Pork, first thanks for reply.
You’re right about thé sculting process wich wasen’t necessary because of the feather. But it’s a pleasure to scult so i allways do It with little detail before retopo, and i didn’t know first that i’ll have those type of feather and as much.*
So now i know that i’ll have to sculpt just the head and the legs.

See you.


You can see wich value i used for the image in the back here :

And here, my uggly feather :smiley: :

And here the new render:

Without AO + rayshadow (sample 8) + nodes (45’’):

Looks great!!

looks really nice!
how do you position those feathers?
are they a particle system?

i !

Thanks Ionee.
LPT, yes there are 7 particle systems on the same mesh with differents vertex groups and differents colors / sizes for the feathers. I didn’t use yet the particles edit mode for combing the feather. Maybe later.

I’hope that i have awnsered your question.


This feather setup is really great. Thanks for sharing some of the particle system settings that you are using. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this!

Looks great!