The chips are down!

I know this is a pretty simple illustration, but I would appreciate any suggestions. It’s part of a flyer/advertisement to suggest that it’s not a gamble to use this company.

looks good just add some shadow and maybe curl the edges of the bills for a better look

The dice look a bit sharp on the edges. Real dice has a smooth edge. So I would bevel the edges of the dice. Other than that it looks good!!

I would say maybe add a bit more hardness and specularity to the chips to get the plasticy look and perhaps to the dice as well. Oh, and I think it may have a more powerful effect if the dice were snake eyes (isn’t that a bad thing in certain games? I know little about dice games - craps and such)

Also, nice table texture. Is that a procedural or loaded? The lighting is also very effective. Good job.

Bevel those dice!

Bumpmap those dollars!



Cute immage :smiley:


Looks real good except most dice that I’ve seen are rather shiny

A nice image. The dice need to be beveled, and the money could use some depth, bump mapped maybe, very lightly though, just enough to give the suggestion of seperation between the bills.

Okay, first, thanks for all the suggestions. Here’s the updated image. I’m a little shakey on the bump-mapping for the money. I went with lucky 7 showing because well, it’s lucky!

The table is from ye olde Blender Texture disc with a little meddeling here and there.

I played a little with the edges of the top bill, and beveled the dice a little.

The logo on the chips was created using Blender also, for those of you who are into useless trivia!

Thanks again all for your suggestions! (and I’m glad to take more!)