the chronicles of narnia

i was browsing and saw this it looks promising (alot better than the bbc’s take on it)

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It’s not that offtopic. It looks like there will be alot of CG involved in this film.

I just finished reading the Chronicles of Narnia and I think it is very exciting that they making The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe into a film. I just hope disney doesn’t screw it up too bad %|.

yeah, i vaugely remember reading this story in the third grade…pretty sure there was a cartoon movie, also. looking forward to seeing the new rendition :<

high res: slow to load.

Look great, though the beginning of the “story” as i see it in the trailer isn’t fitting with the end. I never readed the book, though. But from what can amke out of it. It start in a manor and after they find the way to the new world, they freaking don’t care about professor or this servant… or i’m just wrong?
Need to know more.

Moved to off-topic. This is not a conversation about CG just because it’s a conversation about something with CG in it.

ti’s good

Je ne comprend pas. :wink:

I don’t understand a damn thing you said.

The only way to find out is to read the book. :wink: It’s worth it!

This is like saying, “What’s the deal with the Matrix? He starts out in a city and then suddenly he’s in some kind of futuristic robot controlled world? WTF?”

The preview of this movie was made with the assumption that most people had read the book, I suppose. It has sold well over 60 million copies so that’s not going too far out on a limb.

WETA, the same company which produced the costumes for the Lord of the Rings produced the costumes for this film, too.

They need companies to produce costumes? If only it was like the early days of film - editors standing in as extras etc…

I love Narnia, I’m glad their making a movie, that looks good and hopefully they’ll make movie of all 7 books

WETA is making the costumes, extras and all the digital effects as well

No color, flickering film with scratches in it, poor framerate, terrible acting, no sound except for saloon music, terrible plotlines, state-of-the-80-years-ago technology… yeah those were the days allright. I’m sure the editor was a way better extra than any other guy off the streets of Hollywood too.

Weta workshop now has a sideline business making chainmail, they did a lot for Kingdom of heaven, interesting how things morph, worth a look
there are some very interesting video-diaries on dealing with workflow, high intensity production etc, some funny ones to :slight_smile:

The book is great! But they have already made a movie of the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe.

My question is, are they going to do all the books (7 I think). That would be awesome to get something like the Silver Chair or The Last Battle into a movie. :smiley: