The Church

I don’t know why, but I made this :slight_smile:


wow :smiley: :smiley:

excellent work

one small crit, the candle texture looks out of place

Great concept. Great lighting. Perfect composition in the image as well.

The thing that loses it for me though, is the amount of noise. It is way too much. Loks like you used Yafray to render, though I could be wrong. Play with the lighting settings and the GI levels to improve the noise and this will be an exceptional piece.


thats awesome !

I Like the blue one better- the lighting is more dramatic

Only crit is the pages of the book look a bit stiff to me

Thas nice, but on the book, there is one bookmark looking thingie that isn’t attached. It’s the lower one on the side.
But I might just be interpreting it wrong…

btw, how did you do the wine? looks pretty sweet.

It’s a grate concept thought I find the color textures of the objects have too much noise.

Definately an awesome rendering. Great work!

Looks a bit grainy, but so I assume that defaultt Yafray settings were used.

Just for kicks…
Try using XML off
LOW and Cache on
…rendering time should be short. Maybe 8 minutes, from my best guess.

I like the first image better. The warm lighting looks like the kind of lighting in the Catholic churches, when fully lit, ready for service.

I am confused with the background. Is it outside or inside? Or both? I see pews. It looks a like a view from the back of the church.

Here’s a crap load of church views, inside.

Wow, that’s really good. The only problem I have to add to what has been said is that the Monstrance looks empty.

I really like the “bluer” first image.