The Circle


For this work i used the botaniq and grasswald addons for the nature part.

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Looks like a place where you have two choices. Be in the procession or be a post-head.

Not easy to find anything to improve. Minor things:

  • more variation on the skulls like different levels of decomposition, jaw position, etc.
  • variation among the priests. Their hands are in similar position. The could have different ritualistic hand positions or hold different objects. Flow of their robes slightly different.
  • the foreground boulder is a little too clear. It could have a very slight fog too.
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Thank you for your comment and feedback. I must admit there is a certain amount of copy paste in there, you saw that well. The character is the same and the heads on the spikes are the same. Maybe I just wanted to get it done so i can move to a new piece. But your are right there is some modification possible. The foreground boulder catches more light. Maybe the rock could be a bit smaller so it’s less in the face but on the other hand i could think it’s the altar and i could have dressed it up with some stuff to make it look that way. But thank you for your points. Because you mentioned it for another piece to darker out the edges. I did it in this piece and i thought that it worked to center the attention more to the middle. Thanks for your advice, allways welcome.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Dankjewel Bart. Appreciate it!

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