The Citadel

It’s been ages since I did any modelling but I’ve been making a custom game mode for Garry’s Mod. Since I’ve needed to implement my own props I’ve decided to start a project to help me get back into the swing of modelling, with a bit of variety so my texturing skills get the practice they need too.

On that note I present to you: The Citadel!

well it’s hardly a citadel yet, but you’ve got to start somewhere. I want to get it looking futuristic with dashes of imperialism.

This building will most likely be some sort of hover train station, maybe a magrail.

I like getting carried away by detailing way too much, as a result i’ve already started placing things inside, partly for scale, partly because I tend to throw things together randomly.

Not really sure if there’s much to crit yet, but I havent slept in a couple of days so I could be missing some real fundemental errors lol

It has a nice “epic” feel to it with the finer details that need some more elaborating. Look forward to further renders on this project. All the best!

Haven’t had a lot of time at the computer today but I did get a chance to do a little bit of detailing on one of the vending machines.

Edit: I just noticed this screenshot was taken before I adjusted the buttons, I moved the set of 8 across a bit so they weren’t so close to the edge.

A few more random updates:

This is a shot from the upper walkway crossing the tracks, it’s a bit hard to make out but you can see the train in the window.

Speaking of the train

And as you can see from the last one I added a roof

Not sure if I like the train that much, but it’s far from finished yet so feel free to bash it :smiley: I spent 2 hours making safety railings too but blender crashed on me and didnt autosave it :frowning: ah well, more practice for me lol