The classic Merc 1000 outboard engine from 1963

I fell in love with this engine in 1974 when I got a ride in a boat with this machine.


Really nice work! It could probably use some loop-cuts, but it’s really a great piece, well done! :smiley:

Hey, thanks for the praise :slight_smile: the lower part is all extruded from the gearcase cylinder and the cowling and top are separate parts. I’m still doing the fuel connector and the gear and throttle cables. The final aim is to set this in a transom of a boat and do a little compositing and maybe some water jets spraying. Let’s see.

The face plate grid started life in Excel by the way :smiley: … I am still struggling with getting the top of the grid and the bottom of the text straight. The emblem is photoshopped using a real example from eBay and then used as a glossy/emissive material texture.