The Clay Look?

how does one get the clay look when rendering a model?

and excellent example of what I want can be seen in this thred:

Hard to say. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s due to clever lighting and his renderer. Ambient Occlusion also tends to give a kind of clay look.

Those clay renders all have “Maxwell Render” stamped on them. I’d say he used

a real cool alternative to the maxwell renderer is the indigo renderer. it uses physical correct lighting in a way comparable to maxwell’s, as far as i know, and its freeware (and maybe open source some day?).
you get really cool renderings with little material and texturing work, but rendering times are, just as with maxwell, horrible, to be true. but it’s worth a try.

Try a Blinn spec shader with spec=0.3 hard=6 and ref=2.7. Also try it with Oren-nayar as the diffuse shader. And remember - the lighting is at least as important as the material settings.

ambient occlusion. Makes something like it. What the ambient occlusion does though, i have no idea :confused:

That’s it. AO (which basically fakes GI) gives that look, even with no materials applied (although you might want to put the spec slider to 0). I always use it for early modelling stages.

I just recently stopped a render ~2hr and still garbage. Expect ~24hr for a decent render on a pretty good scene.

AO and a brownish light or world setting.
But don’t compare Blender internal with Maxwell.

as i said render times = horrible

but after 2 hours you should at least have a glimpse of what its going to look like. try the same scene using just one light. you really dont need more in indigo.