The cleanest bevel technique yet(i think)

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The cleanest bevel technique yet(i think).


i’d like to thank joecool for the tip of using mesh decimation. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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eww messy triangles and a higher poly count =\ takes longer too

just stick to subdividing twice and move the inner vertex lines in each view(top, side, front) toward the edges… more bevel control, less polys, and super clean :wink:

this method is just for cubes… for more complex objects, just extrude the edges in or out maybe twice keeping them close to each other and press subsurf… the closer the vertices are to each other, the sharper the angles

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yeah imgranpaboy

it was like my weird mars ( Bizarro Mars, remember Superman vs Bizzaro :wink: )

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the best method for complex objects IMHO is using the nice and also
free program WINGS3D. I´m using it with the OBJIO python script and it worked very well here for me.

Have a look:

all edges supersweet beveled!! :wink:

I know, not the best tip for blenderhardliners, but why not extract the best tools from all the free 3D programs?

Have a nice day, night whatever…, Olaf.

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I AGREE!!! wings is the way to go!!! :smiley:

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hey wait

I thought we were talking about Blender here 8)

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I love wings’ bevelling tool ! Never knew bevelling could be that easy.

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Wings is a bit of a better modeler for certain things. Scorpius’s importerr is flawless, too. Wings + blender work great together.

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He is a poet,
but he didn’t know it! :smiley:


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What’s the reason to have Scorpius’ importer? My wings exports to VRML 2.0 … Haven’t made anything too complicated, but it exports it perfectly so far.

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hey guys, please help me…

how do i bevel something in wings?


(hannibar) #12

By using the bevelling tool :smiley:

No seriously. Select the edges you want to bevel, right click, and bevel.

(d52477001) #13

umm ok i got that right. is there a button to select all the edges at once? also when i save it as a vrml and open this in blender, blender crashes when i try to render. only 2.25 crashes, not 2.23. any ideas?