the Clerk

this was intended to be a Clerk for a sci-fi animation i’m planning. however, with all the particles, the render time is hitting 5 minutes. nevertheless, i plan on finishing him. the clothes and glasses are just place holders for the moment.
textures in photoshop
everything else in blender
slight composition post pro

I like the style. 5 min of render per frame for an animation… that would be fun :wink:

haha, fun indeed… i might harness the power of the macs at the studio where i work… there are 4 i5 and a few core2quads. i’ll be upgrading from c2q to an i5 soon as well… but ya, pretty heavy nonetheless…

With him being non realistic, and his hair being shaped the way it is, I think you could get away with non particle hair.

you’re absolutely right. i should do that but, somehow i can’t bring myself round to replacing it with a mesh… i’ll probably do it when things come round to animation, though.

He looks very cool, great work!

thanks. i’ll update in a moment. i now have a better pair of spectacles.

EDIT: the new version is in the original post…

added a chair (leather texture is somewhat dodge) and a frame which is more of a placeholder than anything else. i’ve also worked on his skin a tad…