The Cliff tower

It’s been monthes since I ever came here.
I was ultra busy in my pro and personal life.

But here is a little something I’ve been working for weeks.
I’ve just finishing recording my new full lengh course that will hopefully be available at the beginning of august.

Everything was entirely made in blender.
I’ve used sculpted textures and the original render is 2445x3600 pixels.
It is based on Corentin Chevanne concept that he kindly allowed me to use for this purpose.
I’ve also used few textures that they also allw me to distribute as educational support (thanks Marcel!)

Stay tuned on my gumroadand youtubepage where I will announce the official launch with special offer for subscribers.

This version was postprod in Photoshop

First version


The stones look 2d while and drawn in some areas while the main thing does not. Also the image could do with improved lighting to create a atmosphere as currently the image is bland

Wow! That looks very nice!
How do people (or whoever) use the rope between the buildings?.. I can’t quite wrap my melon around that.
I mean you would need to have lots of speed in order to make it up the other end.

absolutely crazy work man! 0_o THe wonderful sense of scale you’ve captured is what makes this special for me. Great work so far

a bit of weathering on the planks could look nice? right now they look brand new…

The modeling is totally awesome. The cartoon proportions and the sense of scale is cool. However, it looks rather drab. The background is so bland, the composition is stiff and the tower looks out of place. It shows a lot of technical skill but the overall image doesn’t work that well.

I like the style and the mood. Perhaps logs of wood could improve a little.

Here is the original concept from Corentin Chevanne.
I must admit there are some improvement that could be done.

I will give it a test :slight_smile:

Maybe the background should be lighten and desaturated so that the house could bump out a little bit…
Also the windows could receive some more roughness variation.

I will also add some variation to the wooden frame colours so that it gives some more rythm to the contrast.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

It looks really nice. I’d hate to be the mail delivery guy though.

I’ve rerendered it. Made some material improvement and reworked the lighting… Thanks for your feedback. It looks way more promising.
hope to push the update this weekend

Hi Guies, I’ve reworked lighting, some materials and the compositing.
Also corrected the backplate.
I’m not a great ainter but I believe it’s a better version.

Hope you’ll like it

This is really awesome! I know most of the detail comes from the textures, but can you post a wire frame?

Compared to the first image that looks much better. In my opinion I can’t find anything to critique. Great work.

@scorpius, thanks. Most of the textures were sculpted and baked using seamless method. I will post full creation details for the official release.

@badgeprint, thank you, I appreciate you’ve noticed the progress :slight_smile:

Since first render, I like them all. Did you use mist pass? The athmosphere is great!

Nope, I’ve used a volumetric object and then used a global render pass with a normalised and pixelised Z pass. :slight_smile:

Cool project, will follow along :slight_smile:

Here are some wireframe… Nothing special.

Love the style.

Pieriko, wireframe looks like as if you’ve used cellshading.