The coca project

Hi blender comunity !!! I’m a 18 years old french guy (my english is not verry well) and I join this amazing website cause I’ve discover Blender for 3 years now and I love it !!! But I learn in self-educated so to become a better artist, I just want to discover some cool stuff, share and meet interesting people

this is my first render (400 samples) of my photorealistic series.

Looks great, nice lighting and modeling. Only thing I would change is the bubbles on the glass look a bit too small.

Thanks :slight_smile: Yes you should be right. And i’ve forgot to check the particles orientation :S

For the begginers, check out the blenderguru website or Andrew Price chanel on youtube. Realy helpful free tutorials
Et si il y a des Français débutants par ici, je vous conseille de suivre le projet bipède de AnInfomaniac sur youtube :wink: