The coffe

After a stage in the “Focused critique” where I got precious adivises to help me on improving my work, I am pleased to publish it on this section.


Very nice man, very nice! I only have one crit, change the table texture, make it something like a diff color than the ground. The texture seems like it just doesn’t belong there.

Nice. :smiley:
One crit tho, what kind of coffie is that? should be more darker.
other then that the rest looks great! :o Nice modeling, and I like the ground texture, looks allmost real! :o

Keep up the good work!

Very NICE. And I love coffee too!

Great lighting, it makes the picture look real. That plastic creamer is impressive, but the liquid in the cup looks a bit puke-tacious. What kind of coffee is that?

:smiley: Super project. My kind of rendering. :smiley:

wow great textures

i would love to be able to have a ground texture like that hint hint wink wink

Looks amazing the ground texture especialy, the lighting is perfect but the liquid of the coffe is kinda, well i can’t explain it but you should do some thing about the liquid.

Wow! so nice and photo realistic! the only thing i can say, is maybe you can make the coffe a little darker, and it doesnt look like liquid. It looks like frozen coffee inside a cup.

@ yor1001: Have you ever seen a cup of cappuccino? IMO, the coffee and floor textures are the best parts of the piece.

Table legs need dirtied up as a table like that is going to have people putting their feet on them all the time. The ground does look stunning though,very well done.

Hi all,

Thanks for your comments, please ask a capuccino or even an expresso next time you drink a coffe, you will probably get something like that. Be carreful, if this expresso was served in italy, you won’t see anything, you would get about 3 mm of dark and strong liquid in the bottom of the cup.


Very well done!

I love this picture. My only critique is that the metallic part of the table looks to smooth and shiny, somewhat unrealistic.


I like the render too. The modelled objects blend really well with the ground.

I think the coffee looks fine - I’ve seen coffee like that.

The only things I don’t like are the sugar and the milk. There are some specular highlights in the reflection on the table that look too sharp. The thing about the sugar is that it looks to uniform. Sugar tends to form crumbs very easily and is also quite uneven round the edges.

Still, they are minor crits for an excellent piece.

Fantastic! Great textures. Near perfection. As I looked closer I saw the drips of creamer on the table. Nice realistic touch you’ve added! Then I thought why isn’t any coffee left on the spoon? Maybe it hasn’t been used yet. :wink:

As requested by some of you, here is a link to download the ground used in this rendering. Due to the huge file size I had to reduce it to 1600x1200 which should be ok, by the way the file is 630Kb. I took this shot with my digicam, like quite all the textures I use in my compositions. I am pleased to share it with you.

A very nice image! The overall composition is very pleasing. It also has a very nice photo real look to it. There are a few things that I thought broke that photo real look though. I don’t think that the sugar cubes look quite right maybe its just their material that is off… The other thing I think could use some work is the level of reflectivity on the cup, saucer and spoon. I think that if you tone it down a bit things will look just right!


Being that this rendering is very well designed. I am going to give a focused critique.

The shadows of the oblects are at “7:00” position, but the shadows on the floor map stones are more gtowards “5:00”.

Sugar cubes on the table look a little too translucent.

The metal edge on the table is good. Somebody said it was fake looking. I agree, only because the table “needs something” from behind the camera to reflect, otherwise it is reflecting nothing.

The plastic creamer is perfect.

The spoon is great, but needs to have a slight curve in the handle to it. in my opinion.

The coins are perfect. I’d like to see a closeup of them.

Hey, that table surface is nice! Looks procedural. Like my breakroom table top.

Is the coffee handle supposed to be metalic gold?

The handle doesn’t seem to match the cup.

OKAY, enough of the Focused Critique. This project is good as is! Nice work, I added it to my “collection” I hope you don’t mind.

Excellent work!, how did you do the creamer, it looks very real, the temptation must have been to show it un-opened, which would have been easier.

Ok, creating with Blender is great, like many of you, I get no money for the work I make, so I may spend all the time I want, no boss to say “Hey guy what about that rendering, since now we begin to lose money !”. By the way, sometime the wife just looks like a boss. I know that it is always possible to do better, but I have spent enough time on that project. I just made a last rendering considering some of your last and helpful comments. I post it in a higher resolution, this one is the last one … hope so.

Wow, that looks great up close. The bubbles inside the creamer, the drop on the table, the reflections on the trim, etc…

Nice work!