The Collection instances of blender2.8 cant speed up my 3D workflow

The Collection instances of blender2.8 cant help me reduce the face count when i build large scene with complex objects and trees . I love blender 2.8 and eevee, but when i build large scene i think the proxy of blender2.7 is more helpful So i want know if the problem will be solved in the final edition which will be released in july I really hope it will come true

The old group instance is still supported in 2.8 via collection instancing. Even if it did not improve your life there is no reason for it to have made it worse.

In other words, the “proxy of blender 2.7” is still working in 2.8.

It’s still working indeed in 2.8, but you now the poly count number calculates all objects, in 2.7 wouldn’t count the instances, but now it does for unknown (to me) reasons.

the proxy of blender 2.8 is so different from the proxy of blender 2.7 …
it still calculates all the poly count of objects. its so useless.

There was indeed a bug that was fixed this morning that affected instance performace. Tomorrow build should give a result as good as 2.7 (or even better).

Whether the file stats should show the local geometry or ALL geometry is a different matter though. There are valid cases for both scenarios.


And the file stats should change as well:

For the records, both 2.79 and 2.80 can be improved:

  • In 2.79 instanced geometry would never be counted.
  • In 2.80 each selected instance mesh is counted even if we have duplicated.

wow, thats good news.

Interesting, I did not notice this problem yet.

For the records, the stats info was updated. Tomorrow’s build will have the latest changes.