The collision sensor's being an I-D-10-T

Calling someone an I-D-10-T is a joke, by the way.

Okay, so I’ve got a system set up so when I press ArrowUp, the character walks forwards with the walking action. Also, when I press Ctrl he jumps. I have a falling animation play when no collision with the ground is detected.

Here’s what happens: No walking animation plays. He just freezes when he walks.

Facts: The fall must have more (or equal) priority than the walk, or the walk will play if you direct yourself in midair. Both the walk and fall actions are on Loop Stop. The collision sensor is pulsed.

The problem: The collision sensor says I’m constantly on the ground when I’m standing still, but when I walk it flips back and forth randomly.

Using a -Z ray didn’t work at all.

Any help?

Perhaps you could have an invisible/ghost plane or cube positioned near the players feet…parent the plane to your character…then connect the collision sensor on the plane to the script which detects the collision on your player.

After a lot of testing, I discovered this idea: get the position of the ground (hit by ray) and see if it is close to the character’s height away. This seems to work.