The color white

I am guessing that this has been posted before, but when I searched for it (about an hour) I didn’t find anything, so here goes;

Now (most likely sounding like some idiot) I think I am having some problems (not blenders fault, my own). When creating an object, changing the color to white seems impossible (now I know this is not true) but I can’t seem to be able to make it. The closest that I got was when I made the object shadless, creating a white blob. Or, is it the need for more lighting?

*also, when creating a white background - in the world, how can that be achived?

Sorry in advance for my noobishness,


Click the ‘shading’ button(F5), go the ‘material’, and press the little grey box next to the ‘col’ button halfway down the tab to change the color of the object.

To change the background color, click on the camera in ‘Object’ mode and do the same thing. :slight_smile:

i still think im doing something wrong fro some reason…

When I did that - changing it to white (not making changes to anything else) it still stays grey!

I did that before… and i got it to change to any other color - except white…


(i still feel like a moron for having to ask something as stupid as this)

When you mean grey, do you mean in the col preview box or in your actual render?

Getting objects to appear really white without washing it out is really difficult. The trick for me is to put lights, lots of it, all around. If you don’t want shadows and specular spots everywhere, disable the shadow and turn on the no specular buttons for the lights. Play with the distance and value settings for the individual light sources, too. Tricky stuff I haven’t managed to figure out myself… but I’m getting there, unless someone else can post the easier way for this…

Even nin the real world, white is relative. Get three different pieces of paper and hold the at varying angles and really study them. They’re all white but all different. Then look outside on a sunny day and your whitest piece of paper indoors looks unimpressively dull compared to those bright colours outside.

An even better test perhaps is to take a white pool ball and set it under a bright light in a white box. We tell ourselves the ball is white but what colour is the bright specular highlight - which is clearly much brighter than the rest of the ball? The reality is that most of the ball is a shade of grey by comparison with that highlight.

To make something look white, set it’s RGB sliders to 1.00 and put it in a scene where it “reads” relative to other things. You might even push up its REF in the shaders panel. If you really want to make something brighter then add a little hint of lamp colour complementary to the background colour. Eg. if thebackground is blue/purple, add a hint of yellow (R+G) to the lamp that lights the white object.

thanks, i thought it might have been the lamps. And yes, it was in the renders, where it would appear grey - like the normal grey. Thanks

If you really want unrealistically white, you could always put the emit value right up!