The Colorful Golden Hour. Animation that I make in blender.

hope you all enjoy. Thanks!

You posted the video three times. However, the entire video is misleading. If you had the entire thing in black in white and then made it colorful earlier in the video, a lot more people could comment more on the video. The movements are stiff on the walk cycle. The bouncing on the idle animation is not really needed. The movement, over all, just needs improvement.

Sorry for my bad English.

Thanks for the tips and the opinion!

So, In the other two times I posted the video, it simply did not appear for me on the posts, so I thought it had been deleted or something like that.

Sorry to have messed up posting 3 times, I thought it had been the first time, since the other two I did not see my posts. I’ve always done artwork with blender, I work with it in my job, so for being my first short I found it interesting enough, but I will improve more and more. Thank you!