The Comet of the Ages ISON is not; likely ripped apart by the Sun. (as of today’s date).

When the news initially broke last year, some were speculating that the comet would eventually give those on Earth a brilliant celestial show as it shines brighter than the Moon. Some of these people were just wanting to get their chance to get a look at it and as an opportunity for study, others claimed it would be a fulfillment of ancient prophecies and spiritual events.

By the looks of things, both of these groups will end up with disappointment on their hands, as it appears that ISON was starting to break up en-route to the Sun and may right now be nothing more than a pile of dust drifting in space.

Too bad as well, it would’ve been an amazing sight to see if it would really get as bright as claimed as it flies by the Earth soon after the start of 2014 (providing it wasn’t cloudy), oh well, I guess the only way for me to see a bright comet for the next several decades would be on screen at the local planetarium, but it looks to me like some scientists at NASA were able to get plenty of new data about comets regardless.

Too soon to say that, Ace. Nasa live feed says they’ll have some pictures at perihelion in about 45 minutes to an hour. We may yet have some amazing sky lights.

Oops. My bad. I wish google would put time stamps on their live feeds. Looks like it broke up, and now they are getting some nice data about the interior of the comet as it vaporizes.

Wasn’t that long ago when there was this comet called Halleys Comet. I’m sure there will be some more for future generations to watch and observe.