The comic game

Hey all. This is a collaborative fiction game, but in comics. To allow the most people to participate, please keep the visuals simple. The graphics are not the important thing; if you have something you want to put in a speech bubble or narrative box, then by all means do so. You can look at this as drawing practice.

Other than that, contribute as you want: add key characters, plot points and devices as you need them, or not at all. Kill them at will, or just tell a passing joke–your choice. The story belongs to everyone; try to keep it that way as you contribute.

The only real rule is this: if you mean to call the next turn, just post a “working on panel/page” or something. However, if you haven’t posted in 3 hours, then the turn is up for grabs again.

Did I mention I have absolutely no idea what comes after this? I didn’t think this through when I posted – that’s the whole point. I don’t even know what genre this is going to be.

I’m quite into comics myself at this stage.

No wonder you have 4k+ posts, ‘kay’.

Anyway… I would like to add to the story, but making a comic takes too long…