The Commander is Expecting You | Kojima Tribute (Blender & Unity Retro Art)

I was digging through my old files and came across an old tribute I made. I couldn’t find all of the files, so I’ve rendered everything I could find.

This was one of the earliest projects I created to celebrate a great game from my childhood: Metal Gear Solid. I used to play this game daily, and I thought this would be a great way to try and study PS1 style graphics.

Since I was inexperienced, I modelled everything myself, created and coded the status bars to behave like the real thing from the game, but I used MGS1 textures I found online for the texturing. Kojima himself was a character I created by studying the Solid Snake model and modifying some of the textures from Ocelot’s body for the creases in the clothes.

I created the environment models by using the first-person-view mode and using Snake as a measurement stick by having him stand next to those objects. Basically, I created a cube in Blender, made it the same height as snake, and eye-balled how tall everything should be by comparing it to what I was seeing in-game.

Everything was then exported to Unity for lighting and shading, and I exported it as a stand-alone .exe.

Here was the final result!

What do you think? All criticisms, thoughts, or tips are welcome!

I tend to upload bits of art to my social media, feel free to take a look! I’d love to share more art with those that like retro game art. Here are the main sites I use: