The Complete Blender tutorial?

I’m only new here. Regestered about 32 minutes ago. I have some understand of Blender but not enough to make anything complex, like a human. I am starting to get very impatient and I need a simple tutorial (a video tut would be nice) on everything to do with modelling (including what buttons to press and there function).

Please help me. It would also benifit a lot of other people too…:confused:


There are lots of tutorials look:
Wiki tutorials
Wiki Links
Wiki (Search here for general reference)
Gus Tutorial (A Blender Classic and perhaps the best start-off modelling tutorial)

Note that we have a tutorial forum here on elys… I mean

Also use google and the search function on the forum to find what you are looking for.

Any video tuts???:confused:

All of them aren’t up to date but here are some pretty good. This is a pretty good tutorial, thought it ain’t a video tutorial.

I didn’t thought there were any girls at BlenderArtists, atleast no gorgeous.

DEFINETLY check out the BSoD (Blender Summer of Documentation) on the blender wiki. I am new to blender and this site helps ALOT.:smiley:

Thanks but isn’t this topic a bit old??

videotutorials by greybeard

You can also check some excellent tutorials here: