The Complete Experimental 2012 Keymap


I am still kind of new to Blender. I have used XSI for long years. Coming from there, whatever I have discovered of the Experimental 2012 keymap makes more sense to me than does the default Blender keymap. I am having some difficulties finding an updated cheat-sheet or something similar of the same. Is it not maintained anywhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

hello i know it’s too late…but like you i’m addicted to softimage/xsi.the keymap they built is just specefic to some blender areas.
for exemple …there is absolutely noo way…to select keys on the graph editor with a left mouse click…unless you are a developer
of course.
playing with blender for sometime i tested it in real work scenarios (but just for still images)i found that
exept for sculpting /water smoke sims /texture painting.and maybe “some kind of objects polygonal modeling”…you will perform atleast 3 times faster on any version of XSI…the workflow is acceptable in blender it’s not that awful.but softimage
has a very logical intuive optimized workflow to save as many uneeded clicks as possible and reduce any keyboard short cut you should obviously won’t find that confort on blender.but the fact that blender is free is what really gives it
it’s unbelievable value.and makes it a very attractive package even for professional use when budgets are very limited.