The computed self

I started making a character but I’m horrible with staying on topic with something so I played around with the discombobulator. I’ll be adding the body and everything a little later. Hopefully I’ll be able to update tomorrow.

Excuse me for my stupid question…
What is the discombobulator?

Do you have blender 2.37? The latest update? If you do you can go into edit mode with your mesh. Then you’ll see a tab just above the buttons window labeled [mesh]. Click it the go all the way up to scripts, and you should be able to use the discombobulator. It was originally designed to create cities but you can use it on any mesh. If you don’t have the latest blender then you can find it for download somewhere. I’m not too sure.

-=On topic=-

Ok, I decided against discombobulating the face and I started working from there. I’ll have a screen shot up in a few minutes after this post ( I need to transfer the pic). I know I need to work on the lighting and I’ll be adding the hand and the rest of the robot arm later.

um… i love the dicombogulated face thers some thing ther, that could be expanded but edges like the nose would need work

I’m not a hundred on what you plan on doing with the robot. but prehapes make what evers in the claw radiate light (quite freeky)

Yeah, I need to fix the lighting. Those are basically some glass iko spheres with subsurf 1 and smoothed out. I too one of the triangles on the top and bottom and grabbed them out so they would be extended into the pivot joints (also two icospheres, one at the elbow and another at the wrist). I’ll give close ups to the robot arm whenever I get a chance. It’ll take better shape when I’ve finished with the bones and chromed them.

Yeah, the whole discombobulated head thing looks really cool. I wonder if perhaps only discombobulating some areas might allow for better definition, but the effect itself is very interesting.

Thank you. Once I’ve finished tweaking the lights and finished modeling the robot hand I’ll give her a better pose and some clothes. She looks cold right now.