The Concept for putting multiple images on one object eludes me

qest1x4-4didtopnowbottom.blend (1016.2 KB)

I made a post and I had this all figured out but now I go back to do it and I have the same problem.
I go to place the second image on the object and it goes everywhere on the object and not on the face that I assign it to.
How did I do this ? Do I a uv unwrap each one for 1 2 3 4 top bottom or how did I make this happen. ?
I have spent the last 3 hours trying to find the notes for how I made for this work and I cant find them.
Please could someone help me understand how I made the image stay to a face ?
It appears I unwrapped it 6 times but on the same uv layout. ?

I am thinking that I can select the seams mark them select the face unwrap and assign the image texture. But when I get to number 2 it puts number two everywhere and not on the face I assigned it to. ? How did we unwrap this so it would know what face goes with what unwrap.

I found some of my notes

See blend file named 1 1x4-4.blend. I made the cube and I did this for each one through 4 exactly
Edit mode, marc the seams with edge select click unwrap not face made a new material and the image texture to the color spot .
Now select all in edit mode on the cube un mark seams then marc the seams click marc seams then uwrap then make the new material called TWO add it.

I keep thinking their MUST be a way to assign an image to a part of a mesh. But I just can not figure out what entity that exists in blender that I can assign a image material too. Its like a big mystery to me.
Im not sure but I think things work different with uv maps in blender render. I will be using cycles.

And the Manual does describe a method but is this method valid for CYCLES ??
The workflow for applying a second material to some faces of an object covered by a base material is as follows:

  1. In Object Mode, apply the base material to the whole object (as shown in [Assigning a materiasl]
  2. Create/select the second material (the whole object will change to this new material).
  3. In the Active Material box, re-select the base material.
  4. Go to Edit Mode and Face Select (a new box appears above the Active Material box with Assign/Select/Deselect).
  5. Select the face/faces to be colored with the second material.
  6. In the Object Material Slots box, click the Plus to create a new slot, and while this is still active, click on the second material in the Available Materials list.
  7. Click the Assign button, and the second material will appear on the selected object faces.

You can also make this new material a copy of an existing material by adding the data-block:

Select the object, get the material, RMB and Copy data to clipboard. When you have renamed the material, click “Link: Data” to link to the existing material. Proceed to assign faces as required. NB: If you change the material on the original object, the new object color changes too.

Are these instructions for use with cycles and do they still work when I am assigning images to the faces and not procedural textures. ?