The Conductor - Character

I want to share my latest personal project. Critiques are always welcomed.

Here is the concept I found on the internet : (so it`s not mine)

I finished sketching the base sculpt in zbrush and now im starting retopologizing in blender. I made just the bust for now because that seemed to be the most fun to do. Ill probably continue with the torso for a decent presentation of the model at the end. :slight_smile:

EDIT (Last update):
Clay render

It looks amazing. Only critique i can think of is that his ears don’t seem to stick out as much as the drawing, but only by a little bit.

But other than that, i think it looks perfect.

Hey thanks mate :slight_smile:
I agree, the ears don`t look exactly like in the drawing but i though than in the concept, the ears were a too large.
Thanks again for the critique.

I finished retopologizing and I also made some slight changes in sculpt mode because usually after the retopo process, the model tends to look a bit smooth.
Anyway. Here is my progress :

Tomorrow: UV unwrap, blocking out some clothes and hopefully I`ll start to sculpting the fine details.

Here is my update:
I made the eyes also the materials and I decided to render the model in BI. (i render very slow in cycles)
Now Im making the clothes and than Ill sculpt the details of the head.



I finished the clothes.
Now I`ll start sculpting again the head and maybe the clothes.

cool character with good edge loops. I have a suggestion based on a conductor in real life, who, upon the onset of a concert, had his hair neatly combed, but by the end of the concert, his hair looked like it had been hit by a tornado. maybe use a cloth sim set to low gravity on his hair, so it would fly about as he moved.

Wow. Good Idea thanks a lot. I got too constrained of trying to imitate the drawing and I forgot to use real life examples. Ill post a concept Im thinking on based on your idea.
The hair you saw was just a sculpt. The real hair will be made of strands so I can control the hair even better.
Thanks again.

Ok. I found some reference from real life. and I finished the concept based on Modrons idea.(it is just a fast sketch) I also posted the song Im listening while I work on this project. I think that fits a lot if it so I though it would be nice to post that too.

Here is the rest.

Just when I start to think I am getting good at Blender I run into a post like this and am humbled by your skills. Great job!

Ditto, ditto, ditto.

@place57 : Thanks a lot. Its always nice to find people who encourage you. @rentarrant: Im not sure I got that one. xD

I finished the clothes model and I also added some lights like in the second concept.
Next: Uv unwraping again and than sculpting finally.

Here is my update:
I finished posing him. I tried to pose him with a rig but that took too much time so I posed him manually. I also added hands and some details (the belt) I also finished the uv unwarping stage.

I started sculpting now. I finished the major details. I still have to make the skin pores and some fine wrinkles but before that I have to pose his face in a attractive and interesting way. Any ideas? (needs to fit well with the atmosphere - he just finished a emotional piece with a big auditorium and his hair is stormy)
I`m still not comfortable with his look. So any good advice on how should I change that?

I made the sculpting in blender this time because I got some weird art effects when I imported the files on zbrush. There was a problem with a normals i think.
Anyway. I still took the matcap from zbrush. I`ll share this with you in case you want it.

Just WOW! I am new to Blender so I can’t even begin to offer suggestions. I think it is amazing. For some reason I want to see him with a pair of lightweight wire frame glasses. Maybe he is triggering a memory of someone I know who wears glasses! :slight_smile: I like your version of the ears a bit more anyway - draws the eye more to the exaggerated jawline.

Trying different faces to see what works the best:

Thanks Atlpaddler for your encouragement. I actually added the glasses you said before you told me about them (they were in the inital concept)
Here is a ss showing them:

Oh yeah! The glasses make a difference for me somehow. I swear I know that guy! The lightweight - barely there, bifocals are just what I pictured!

this is really moving along, looking good. glad you liked the hair idea.

Sorry. It’s an expression that means roughly:

  • I agree, or
  • repeat what he said.

It’s all good. I admire your skill as a modeler.

In my imagination I can see his glasses flopping all over the place while he conducts.

Thats for encouragement guys, really appreciated. I finally found a good picture that shows a good facial expression and I also the his hair. There are actually 2 photos. Im still working on the face expression now I also adjust the glasses and adding more details sometimes when I get bored of sculpting.