The constitution is void!

Ahem. Now let’s not get political or religious about this. This information is presented only for your information. Sigh. We have all seen this coming and now it is here… .

Cheers, pix :mad:

The hell is this crap?

…And the most idiotic thread of the month goes to…

I was just so shocked about this. This is something that everyone ought to be aware. Hang on…wait…are we still not on a political level of banned discussion. Oopps premature emotional rise…

The Constitution was thrown out as a consideration in legal procedings a long, long time ago

In other news, the sky’s still blue (and apparently falling).

The constitution was meant to be a political document that underpins the workings of a nation’s political system, that leaves this thread with no subject to discuss.

And since that is so, do you know what’s going to happen next?

I’ll let this little guy explain the rest (and the thread’s about him now)

@ AD,
Would your puppy like to play go fetch?

In old Rome politics was part of religion, I suppose thats why you mention OR in the thread, but yes, I agree let Rome fall, The end is important to all things.

Pixelmass, you’ve been coming here for five years and you still don’t understand this is against the rules? Geez.