The Convoy

Here’s what i intend to do with my entry for the Blender Cookie contest. Not too sure if i would be able to finish in time.
Let’s see how it goes. I’ve seen some other WIPs and i can tell that the competition is going to be really fierce.

Anyway, the robot/mech is called REU-C/A. It’s a first generation Recon and Engagement Unit that is fully Automated but can also be Controlled by a pilot. As the name suggests, it’s equipped wit advance surveillance and remote imaging systems that provide valuable on-ground intelligence not always gathered by high altitude drones.

Though not your main attack bot, it is fully capable of engaging the enemy in light combat scenarios. The incredibly simple mechanical design is a result of years of research in advanced artificial intelligence, a completely digital central nervous system for reflex like mechanical precision and efficient energy management powered by a compact nuclear powered fuel cells. And a never before seen manufacture-to-deployment time frame means that the enemies are not going to like this one at all.

So here’s the (very slow) progress so far.
Blocking out the shape first - the amount of detail on each element will depend on the time i have, which i don’t think is too much.

Judging by the quality of some of the other entries here, i am not too optimistic about my chances anyway. But i will finish this nonetheless, contest or no contest.

Do share your feedback.


Lookin’ good! Maybe you could go with a simplistic look for your models, that way you can focus on getting the composition, lighting, storytelling instead of all the details of the heli, mech, and heavy vehicle :slight_smile: Or you could spend a week on it and make it badass. Either way I’m sure the result will look great :wink: Oh and nice sketches! Your drawing skills are way above my level, haha.

That seems to be a good suggestion.
Got some work done on the legs.
Hope it shapes up well.

Feel free to comment or criticize.



Can you post a wireframe?

There seems to be a slight topology problem on the lower leg below the black squire hole,not sure if it’s intentional.

So far looks like one of NASAs creations :slight_smile:

There was indeed a problem. Solved it. Thanks for pointing it out.

Looks like I’m almost done with the modeling. Also looks like i’m out of time! Anyway, let’s see how it goes.

Pretty much the final pose. On to a little texturing and the rest of the scene. The weekend is over - that means i’m no longer sure if i can do this. Any feedback? Suggestions? Criticism?



Nice Work! the modeling looks great. I’m not too fond of the pose though, seems to be a bit stiff, if you know what I mean. I can’t figure out how you could change the pose to make it look more dramatic. Very much looking forward to seeing him textured though :yes:. You can make the deadline! Drink a few cups of coffee and power through it!
Good Luck

Should i be worried about a stiff pose? It is a robot after all! Anyway, will experiment more with that.