The coolest almost famous programs

So? What almost famous programs are the best?

Personally I find BLENDER the best…
Added Wings to vote for :slight_smile:

Of all of those I’ve heard blender and yafray.

Oh, and elefont, but it’s rather useless now that blender can load ttf fonts.

I’m sorry but what a stupid thread. This is a, nay, the “blender” forum, what do you think people are going to answer?


I can’t believe Anfy is on there! Ha ha! I haven’t thought of Anfy for so long! Anfy 3D was my first 3D program… boy did I push that thing beyond its limits.

I want to know more about these font programs… can you create your own fonts with them?

Sorry… wings3d… for modeling.
I thinks it’s the best modeling program.

Sorry… wings3d… for modeling.
I thinks it’s the best modeling program.

gotta agree with you there…

until of course Blender implements the HE mesh

(does anyone know if it will be implemented by 2.37?)


There are a few others that could be added to this list:

POV-Ray (and the modeler Moray to go with it)
Spatch (now defunct)
Of course, I’m partial to Blender, but these others are out there, too… and are freely available tools.

Nope. Nay, No chance in hell - is what I think:) I’m also looking forward to it, but Joeedh seems to do mostly bughunting recently;)

If I could vote again I would vote some other than Blender…
it would be funny to see 20 versus 1…

i voted for icarus hehe just because i knew the most people would vote blender and a few other apps needed a little vote :wink: anyways great tracking app.
ofcourse Blender is the best :slight_smile:

This poll is preaching to the choir.

I just thought such a threat is a good way to express the respect for Blender, the way it should.

mzungu: there are way too many cool programs to add, I just added Wings for it is a good compotition.

PlantPerson: FCP (Font Creator Program) is made by High Logic ( and can be downloaded (a demo version I presume) there. You can create your own fonts with it. Perhaps only for Windows but perhaps also for mac etc.