the coolest wallpaper


i’ve been recently frustrated by having nothing nice to put as my laptop’s backgroung image.

So, I’m starting a contest!

i would like each of you giving me an idea of putting something as background. and as i move my laptop all over the school and dormitory and home, the image should be decent, non-offensive etc.

i held on for a long time with my photoshop creation and a photo of mine, but they start to be boring.

any wallpaper made in blender (and selfmade) is more appreciated than others :slight_smile:

these are the current wallpaps; i’m awaiting ideas to create some on my own, or also accepting links from external sources or your own.

thank you for freshing up my laptop’s screen :slight_smile:


what size image? what resolution is your desktop?


oh, that doesn’t really matter :wink: i’d just like to set the mood with the wallpaper somehow.

and the screen is 1024x768 :slight_smile:

cool pix - did you do that on blender ? cause I think I knows how you done it.

lol. yes, its the default cube. with these material settings. Since there was no prize cookie involved, I did not spend more than 30 seconds on it.


Not especially cool maybe, but the one and only for me :wink:

“It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.
It is by the Beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed,
the hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning.
It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.”

Well,i have no any pic to post here just posting here to see nice stuff.I like Sun setting pic most.

This is… the BEST
Quite easy toline up, you’ll need quite alot of paste because its suprisingly heavy.

wehee… many thanks:)

Maybe not “fresh” but I still have on my laptop due to the fact that I just plain like it:[6]&b=count&z=228358585275238832

I made this little thread a couple of days ago, most of them suck though.

here’s a wallpaper i made a while ago.

Admitedly not “self-made”… but who can argue this doesn’t make an awesome desktop wallpaper? :yes:


Here’s mine, rendered in Indigo you might have seen it a while ago

And here is a photo

and this one…gross

here is my try …just icosphere and flare material

Well i just started a new thread, made this pic today.
Its a sunset, one in black in white, the other is the colour version.

Figure it could be a nice desktop picture. :yes:

Hi , i think that wallpapers and backgrounds are waste of technology , just use on color :smiley: .


Spolling is a waist of tecnology aswel it seeems.