The Copy Location/Rotations tools are broken

It’s a shame to see such basic function not working as they should.

I’m trying to constraint the rotation and sometimes location of objects to others. It works fine but in most case I want the target object to stay at it’s intial place.

I hit it 'the offset button and yet it still moves iwthin the work area.

What the hell.I’ve googled my problems and others users have had this problem but never recived any reply…How can anybody take this software seriously if basic functions like these don’t wrok?

works fine for me. perhaps you’re doing something wrong?

Are you doing a copy + limit constraint? remember it’s a modifier stack, the order matters.
if you try to limit a rotation first, then copy a rotation in next stack item. it will over-ride. at least for me.

if you have problems in latest versions (I recommend use nightly builds from to get latest bug fixes) you can bug report (there is a link in splash) or provide a .blend file.

If you are going to post topics like this, providing a blend file allows us to figure out whether this is a actual bug vs intended action… I have used the copy location constraint / copy rotation constraint a fair bit, and it seems to work fine for our uses… what you may be experiencing is an edge case.

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