The copy of CarrerayCarrera Cordoba earring (an actual product photos)

The copy of CarrerayCarrera Cordoba earring

Recreate existing products of well known brands is extremely productive method of studying the theory and practice of design, you begin to understand why it is done this way, why it is looking so good and how to make none the worse designs.

3D model has been created from the photos of the product taken from the CarrerayCarrera official website:, then it went to the 3D printer resulting in wax model, which later was casted in gold and polished. All 3D work have been made with Blender with out any other 3D packages.
What you see is the photos of a final product.

It may not be exact copy of the original (altho it never was a goal), but I never saw it real life, all reference I used was taken from CarrerayCarrera official website, so there is a room for mistake.

  • The final product is not for sale, nor does the 3D model as I have no rights do so, all right belongs to CarrerayCarrera©. This product was made with purpose to master my jewelry design skills.

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