The Corner Bench

I am trying to learn how to realistically texture a model. In this case, the bench on a corner in Madrid.

So far I have modeled the bench, nuts and bolts included. Below you will find the reference and model images.

Also, I have made a turntable video with default materials, nothing final, just to see how it looks that way. It can be viewed here:



looks very nice, but remember to bevel the edges of the boards.

Indeed. Beveling is in my to-do list for detailing the model. Thanks!


Great modelling and a nice little project. Keep it up.


Well, the idea is to learn how to texture a scene. My next step was to prepare a wood image (high pass filter + adjustments) and apply it as a quick texture to the model to see how it looked. No bump map nor spec map yet (nVidia crashed Photoshop whilst trying to create a Normal map out of the original image).

Here are the renders using BI and Yafaray.



Nice model and renders.
I definitely prefer the Yafaray one.
But you may need to reduce the size of the normal mapping and its depth too.
Good job :smiley:

Thing is, I haven’t applied any normal map; it’s just a color image texture. I applied a high pass filter and adjusted levels to a photo of one of the beams in the original bench, and all this detail came up. Before this, I tried the texture on a single rectangle that had the same proportions as the image, and as you can see in the attached image of the resulting rendering with BI, it also seems as if a normal or bump map has been applied, but there is none.

Maybe if I scale the image down the bumpiness will be lessened. I might try that, but since I want to do separate images for each beam, I feel that I should focus my efforts on that instead of investigating further with this quick texture.



Great stuff - I always like the trials and error process of any render to be put up before the final “finished” render is set up. As with any art, you have to get something as close to what is in your minds eye, or what is nice to the eyes.
I like the amount of detail you have put in this exercise.

wait a minute, the diffuse map is being applied as a normal map? or is the bumpiness a result of the texture already looking like that?

It’s a jpeg image mapped to the Col channel, only.


I see, the effect on the single cube is really nice, but doesn’t look so good on the bench.
You may use a normal map to get more controle of the bump effect I think. You have to handle 2 files for each wood parts, but for a better result I guess.
A trick you can use is to use the same pics (diffuse and normals) for 2 wood parts, and for one of them you can up side down the uv.