The Correct Usage Of The Fracture Group AddOn?

Hi All,

I have been playing around with the fracture addon and have run into some problems. It could be operator error, but it may be script related as well.

Basically if I run the fracture addon on the default cube, it works great. I get 5 parts that make up the cube.

So what I want is the same functionality out of the group feature of this same addon. From what I understand, you can add mesh objects to a group and place them at specific chop points on the target mesh and issue a fracture. When I try this, the results are not so great. Consider the file I have attached. I am using three planes to chop a cube into six parts. But I only get 3 objects as a result and they are not the expected six objects.

Does anyone have any experience with this AddOn.
Does the fracture by group feature really work?


25_fracture_group.blend (402 KB)