The corridor to the flower

He there blenderartists,

This is just one of my hobby pictures.
I Finished this picture just today, and i just wanted to show it.
I really would appreciate some feedback and what i could do better next time.

PS: Here is the deviantart link for people that have a deviantart account :

I like it :slight_smile:
I’m not sure about the angle, it’s a bit high to my liking, it also have a small tilt witch I dont like. The outside is a bit too bright, blown out and that kills some of the details outside. Overall I would have made the lighting a bit more even. Also the lamps stick out somehow, and the blue spot outside is taking too much of my attention.
I do like the overall feel to the render though, and I really the wet spots in the floor. It gives something to both the atmosphere and the dept of the render imo. The trees, leaves and how they are overtaking it all, I really like as well you did great there.
Great idea and you got the atmosphere right, nice render :slight_smile:

nice work. other than what’s already been mentioned, the DoF seems a bit awkward.

I like the moisture on the floor and the overall idea of the picture. The flower is too far away, it’s almost imposible to recognize it.

@Wega Thanks to point it out. i will use this for my next projects.

@ctdabomb Yes the Dof is a bit weird, but that is because i forgot about setting it up in the camera in blender so i had to do it in post.

@Robert_Ch That was actually the idea behind this, so people would look further than just the picture.

And thanx to all for commenting :slight_smile: