The Couch

Some time ago I started to make my own archviz library. This time I want to add a couch, so this is my progress so far.

All done in blender. Any feedback is welcome.


  • Add Bump map.

Current progress:

I’m undecided. Which do you think it looks better?

Why would you need a bump map? I find the geometry realistic - aside from the leftmost white pillow’s lower half: the creases look a little too sharp.

Beautiful pillows! Looking good man.

Hi, @Kogomat! The bump map is for the little fabric details. I’ll need it when take closeups. Thanks for your feedback.

Thank you so much, @bossestrenders! :slight_smile:

Now, I’m creating the blanket. Which looks better?

Added the blanket:


Nice work. Maybe try experimenting with the blanket’s placement to see how it changes the overall feel?

Maybe in the back corner, touching vs not touching the floor.

Yes! I did that already and I chose that placement. But if you want I can upload all the options I tried.

I’m undecided. Which do you think it looks better?