The Coven

Hello everyone! I share with you a new design I made. Constructive criticism accepted :heart:
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Hey there, nice work. You wanted some feedback? I would like to suggest you can maybe try to position the main character a bit more to the left so the silhouette is better visible and it gets more attention within the scene. In the window there are some shadows i can’t really place. Is this due to the texture maybe? Besides that it’s a nice atmospheric composition.

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Thank you very much for your comment! Many people have already told me the same thing, I should have put the character more to the left. I have to be more attentive for the next work.
As for the shadow of the window, it is because of the position of the sun, it was the best position I found for the light to enter like that, and from that position it seems as if the shadow of the bars is missing.
Thanks again for the comment :heart: